Story Behind the Brand


Story Behind The Brand
Years ago, I shared a hat that I created for myself on social media that said, “Jesus loves this hot mess” and instantly had so many inquiries on how to purchase the hat for themselves. In my wildest dreams I never believed I would receive such a response. Suddenly, concepts for the next “must have” hat began to flow freely. My clients became the inspiration, hats and shirts became my canvas, and in 2017 Vibe Stitch was born. What began as a small idea from a stay-at-home Mom of three, organically grew into the incredible life-changing business that has become more than just a is a LIFESTYLE for so many across the world. 
What I had not realized, and what would end up revealing itself as the soul of my brand, was how this wearable art would prove to be an intricate tool to connect people. 
Since Vibe Stitch was founded, I’ve had the honor of creating apparel and accessories for many non-profits across the country and have utilized this platform to raise money & awareness for many different causes. Each time Vibe Stitch is chosen to partner with one of these esteemed organizations or even a local family it is an unfathomable, immeasurable privilege.

When we first started, one of our hats was designed and donated to our local Ronald McDonald House and sold in their auction for $150! Just one hat! This journey has been life changing for me. I believe that our purpose on this earth is to use our gifts as an act of service to others. Having the opportunity to give back to these communities is of paramount importance; it is the heartbeat of Vibe Stitch.

The incredible thing about life is no matter where we are from, no matter our social status, religion, race or background, we all have the ability to connect. We are meant to connect, for each of us is a reflection of one another. Whether it be through the gift of laughter, a message of hope, or sharing in heartbreak, we can all relate emotionally to some degree. So why not share this passion & adventure with me & enjoy a #vibestitch hat! 

XO, Christie Diane